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Welcome to Castle Archers

Castle Archers are a Wexford archery company, we are passionate about archery and want as many people as possible to enjoy this fantastic sport that is suitable for everyone, no matter the age or ability. That is why we have established Irelands First 3D Field Archery Coarse in the beautiful setting of the 450 acre estate of Wells House that is accessible to the public allowing many people the opportunity to experience this fantastic sport first hand.

Visit us at Wells House Wexford

No Experience needed

Our activity is developed for beginners, when you come to us we teach you the techniques and skills needed to shoot a bow before you head into the woods to shoot our 3D targets (see our courses page for what 3D archery involves)


Our course costs ONLY €15 per/person

Groups of 10 or more can avail of a 10% discount

It will take around 2 hours to complete the course for a small group, larger groups need to allow around 3hours to complete the activity.


We supply beginner equipment, Bows, Arrows, Quivers, gaurds etc all you need to start archery at low prices included is our expertise in choosing the right bow for you as well as being available for any queries on setting up the bow.

So get in touch if you want to learn the sport or if you want to book us for any event or even if you just need advice about archery we would be glad to help. Feel free to browse through our site to see what we offer and to see just how affordable we have made this activity.